Fall Homeowner Tips

Happy fall, Y’all! The leaves are beginning to change and the nights are becoming cooler which means it’s time for homeowners to start preparing for winter. JMJ Custom Homes recommends some very important fall house maintenance tips: 

  • Remove all hoses from outside hydrants to prevent from freezing and breaking. 
  • Clean all gutters and remove debris to allow them to flow freely. 
  • Change standard filters and schedule a time for your furnace to be serviced. JMJ recommends Billy Emberton with Efficient Air. Feel free to give him a call at 270-315-0309. 
  • Change all smoke alarm batteries. 
  • Schedule a fall/winter service with Innovative Pest Solutions at 270-685-3556. 
  • Add a gallon of water to any unused drains, such as, laundry/mud room sinks. 
  • If your home includes a chimney you will need to have it cleaned and checked before colder weather arrives. 

JMJ Custom Homes works hard to build our clients’ homes that will maintain their quality for years to come. Keeping up with yearly house maintenance helps your home maintain (and likely increase) its value  and prevents more costly maintenance down the road.  . We hope these tips are helpful as you prepare for the upcoming winter months! Have a great week.

The JMJ Team