Welcome Blog!

Hello! The JMJ Team is very excited to announce our bi-monthly BLOG!! We are going to keep you updated with all things JMJ and also give tips and advice on house maintenance and new home construction. I want to first introduce you to the JMJ Team and give a little background on our business. 

Rick Bivins started JMJ Custom Homes 26 years ago with the vision of providing the Owensboro area with top quality homes at the most efficient price. The name JMJ signifies the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The Bivins’ family helped originate this name representing the Holy Family as the center of the business.  Rick knew with prayer, hard work and determination he could bring this dream into reality.   

The JMJ Team consist of five main employees in addition to our subcontractors and suppliers chosen to help fulfill our goal of high-quality labor and materials used on each home. 

Rick Bivins is the owner of JMJ and oversees each project and home. Rick is very involved with our clients and works with them throughout the entire building process. He custom designs each house plan for our families, which gives us the opportunity to build every home based on the owner’s needs and wants. 

John Bivins, son of Rick, is our project manager. John works on the jobsite and helps oversee each home, as well as, completing different woodwork and construction. John has been working on JMJ jobsites since he was about 5 years old. He grew up learning and his passion for construction has grown over his life and time working with his dad. 

Adam Scott is also a project manager that works on each jobsite. Adam has worked with JMJ for 8 years and is very skilled in woodwork jobs. John and Adam make a great team and work together to keep everything running smoothly on each project. The work they provide on each home is vital to all of our projects. 

 Connie Russelburg, sister of Rick, is our office manager and typically the first voice you hear when calling JMJ. Connie handles all of JMJ’s finances, as well as providing fantastic customer service to our community and clients. 

Kristin Aull, daughter of Rick, is the JMJ Marketing and Sales Director. She works closely with each client providing them answers to any questions throughout the project and bidding process. She also handles all of our marketing materials, website and social media. 

Together as a team we strive to provide each family with a stress-free and enjoyable building process. We hope you enjoy our Blog!! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or answers you would like us to go over about our home building process. We appreciate all the continued support from our amazing community and families.